Learn More About The Importance Of The Latest Invention Of Vitamin B Complex Patches


Vitamin B falls under a group of nutrients that are present inside some essential vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods especially found in the meat of different types, vegetables, beans, pulses, and fruits. Most of the athletes in the latest generation are moving are going vegan or plant-based diets to make their body light and more free-flowing as sometimes meat or nonvegetarian items become heavy to digest. These nutrient components are water soluble that is they get mixed with blood through the veins and capillaries much more easily than other nutrients. The supplements which come in vitamin B complex are filled with an equal amount of all the eight invented vitamins in one single pill which same goes with the PatchMD B complex vitamin patches. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the eight different vitamin B components, what are the symptoms of deficiency in vitamin B, and what are the benefits or importance of these Vitamin B patches with the application process.

Illustrate some of the different vitamin B components present in the pills or the patches-

  • Vitamin B1 or thiamine- this vitamin component plays an important role in converting the nutrients secreted from the foods you have consumed to energy building up the metabolism level. Found in pork, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Vitamin B2 or riboflavin- this vitamin component too converts food nutrients into energy and acts as an antioxidant supplement. Found in beef, mushrooms, etc.
  • Vitamin B3 or niacin- helps in body tissue repair, DNA production, signaling throughout the body and brain cells, etc. Found in tuna, chicken, lentils, etc.
  • Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine- helps in the increase in the metabolism rate of amino acid, increase in RBC or red blood cell production, increase in brain nerve signal for transmitting it, etc.


How does a vitamin B patch work?

The active vitamin components are seeped into the matrix layer of the patches which is protected by a sticky layer. Once you remove the protection and place it on any comfortable part of your skin and slowly the vitamin components get absorbed by the skin then to the bloodstream through capillaries and this process of absorption is called transdermal absorption. They must be kept on for a minimum of 8 hours. These are much safer options than oral supplements which might be the case for oral supplements as they might cause an upset stomach.

Vitamin B deficiency symptoms are-

  • Anaemia or less RBC content in the blood
  • Memory loss
  • Shortness of breath
  • Reduction in the sense of touch
  • fatigue

To conclude, the above-mentioned article clearly illustrates the patches made for injecting vitamin B into the skin and then into the bloodstream. The patches stick firmly to the skin and are waterproof and sweat proof making you comfortably wear it throughout the day while conducting regular activities.